Bambella Car Seat Protector
Bambella Car Seat Protector

Bambella Car Seat Protector

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Ditch the Mess with a Car Seat Protector

Babies can be messy. Whether it’s toilet training or a spilt cup of juice, you need to protect your baby’s car seat from the messes. Bambella Designs comes to your rescue with our baby car seat protector. With three layers of heavy-duty absorbent pull fabric, these pads soak up even the nastiest messes.

Machine Washable, Durable Construction

This child seat protector can take whatever your baby can dish out. When you get home, just pop it into the washing machine and then line dry. It’s that easy.

Practical, Yet Sophisticated Design

Just because it’s practical, though, doesn’t mean it’s not design-forward. These handmade car seat protectors come in a wide range of designs to coordinate with your car’s interior. Don’t just use them in the car, though. Use them in your baby’s pram, too—for on-the-go cleanup ease.

Ride in Style, but Ride Safely with Bambella Car Seat Protector

Your child will ride in style with Bambella Designs baby car seat protector—Australia’s top choice for quality-conscious mums and dads. Order one for your baby today.

**Important safety note: Make sure that your car seat protector doesn’t interfere with the seat’s restraint system. Use it only when the child is seated with harness straps in place. Consult the car seat manufacturer’s instructions for more information.

*Care and maintenance: When you first receive your child seat protector, wash it to increase absorbency and to remove residues from materials used in the manufacturing process. Never use fabric softener. It leaves a coating on the fibres and will reduce the protector’s absorbency.