Hush Vaporiser + Essential Oil Kit
Hush Vaporiser + Essential Oil Kit
Hush Vaporiser + Essential Oil Kit

Hush Vaporiser + Essential Oil Kit

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HUSH is a new, complete health and sleep solution for all ages.

DESIGNED AND ENDORSED by Australian Sleep Consultants and Paediatric Specialists.

GOOD SLEEP is the No. 1 way to boost immunity, mood and brain function.


What's In the Hush Kit?

- Ultrasonic Cool Mist Vaporiser White/Timber

- 1 x15ml Certified Organic Essential Oil Blend:  . Sweet Slumber 

- Remote Control

Quality and Style Combine to Create Hush

Watch the Sleep Transformation in 45 Seconds

We've Thought of Everything for Good Health and Better Sleep

- Long-running, cool mist vaporiser - stylish timber and white design.

- Energy efficient, electric power

- 300ml of water creates 12 hours constant mist/30 hours intermittent mist

- Compact Design (24cm high/18cm diameter) 

- Aromatherapy 

- Red Light/Mood Lights

- Built-In Sound 

- Bluetooth Speaker

- Remote control (2 x AA)

- 2 x Timber and Black covers - to suit every room in the house

- Personalise Covers with your Child's Name (Use Whiteboard Marker)

- Mist/Light/Sound features work independently - use all features or customise to suit

Hush can assist with... 

Restful Night Sleep

Day Naps

Positive Bedtime Routine  

Falling Asleep  

Deeper Sleep 

Cold and Flu Symptoms

Separation Anxiety 



Self Settling

Early Risers  

Sleep Regression

Dry Skin, Nose and Mouth

Drying Effects of A/C


Fear of the dark

Breathing & Respiratory Health

 Sinus and Allergy