The Milk Pantry Mumma Shakes Mixed 3 x 60g

The Milk Pantry Mumma Shakes Mixed 3 x 60g

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Smooth, sweet and creamy Mumma Shakes that taste like a real milkshake!

Mixed bag contains 3x 60g packets of 1 each of Vanilla, Chocolate & Strawberry

Just add your Mumma Shake to milk or a milk alternative such as rice milk, almond milk or oat milk and SHAKE. For the fluffiest milkshake we recommend to mix your shakes with our protein shaker 

  • Strawberry
  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla

We only use REAL natural ingredients sourced from wholefoods to flavour the Mumma Shakes, nothing artificial! Think real flecks of vanilla in the vanilla shakes, real strawberries with seeds in the strawberry shakes, fresh rich cocoa in the chocolate shakes.... Yum!!

Individual sample shakes and sample packs can be found in our mini boost section of the website

*Please note that the Mumma Shakes are not a meal replacement shake as dieting may cause a low breast milk supply so we recommend either trying our very own Protein Powder for breastfeeding mums or bulking up you shake to make it more filling. 

Mumma Shakes have a long shelf life, and are individually packaged for your convenience.


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