Hotmilk Sizing Chart

Please measure with a bra on. When measuring, you need to measure quite tight for your underbust measurement, and then over the bust, you measure loosely. Otherwise your result will be incorrect. 

Bra Size Chart

Bra Size Chart

My Necessity Bra Size Guides

Use the following size guides to fit our My Necessity Bra which is available in both regular cup and full cup sizes.

My Necessity Bra: Regular Cup

My Necessity Bra - Regular Cup

My Necessity Bra: Full Cup

My Necessity Bra - Full Cup

Sister Sizing

Sister sizing allows you to find your perfect fit. Sometimes after measuring yourself it is possible that your size may still need to be adjusted.

The following chart shows sister sizing for each bra size. All of the sister cups in the same row are the same size.

Sister sizing is like a seesaw. If you move up in the band, move down in the cup and vice versa. For example if you find that a size 12E fits well in the cup, but is too big around the band, go down to the next sister size in the row and try a 10F.

Hotmilk Sister Sizing Chart